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Vietnam Customs deploy 42 administrative procedure online

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From 01st Feb 2018, the General Department of Customs will deploy 42 administrative procedures on the Public Online Services System at

As a result, 168 out of 173 customs administrative procedures are provided with minimum level 3 through IT systems of the General Department of Customs included : VNACCS / VCIS, Electronic Payment Gateway, national and public information system.

In order to implement the Resolution 36a / NQ-CP on e-Government, from 01/03/2017, the Customs Department has implemented the system of information technology service, provision of minimum level 3 for 41 administrative procedures. To date, the system has received 81.5 thousand administrative records from more than 12.5 thousand individuals and businesses.

According to the Decision No. 2151 / QD-TCHQ promulgating the plans for the provision of information and communication technology, the General Department of Customs has upgraded technical infrastructure, applied IT development and officially deployed 42 administrative procedures via its system since 01/02/2018.

Compared with the previous version, the system after upgraded has added utility for users. Accordingly, the system has smartphone (Android, iOS) application that allows the proprietary procedures to receive notifications and track status records.

Specifically, only the person who carried out the customs procedures can know whether the dossier has been released, whether it is being processed or the dossier has been sent to a customs office on smartphone application.

The implementation of administrative procedures by electronic means reduces the direct contact between enterprises and civil servants. In addition to being able to track online the entire process of administrative processing, now with the utility to track the status of the profile on the smartphone, users can timely capture information, timely plan for business activities of the enterprise.

Since the official implementation, the system of information and communication technology always operate smoothly, ensuring the handling of operations of individuals, enterprises to implement administrative procedures as well as customs. Some problems related to the account, the system manual are handled by the help-desk of the General Department of Customs in time.

In 2018, the customs office will continue to implement new administrative procedures while increasing the utility of the IT system, ensuring the most favorable for customs declarants and tax payers.

Source: Vietnam Customs Department

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