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The HCM City customs targets to cut half time in clearance by end 2018

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The HCM City customs department targets to cut the time it takes for clearing goods by half by the end of this year.

As per Dinh Ngoc Thang – Deputy head, there are two-way exchange benefits both businesses and the customs department, because “Once businesses’ issues are addressed, customs procedures are speeded up.  This year, it would continue to create favorable conditions for businesses, especially by reducing customs clearance time by 50 per cent.  Now it takes 70 hours to clear export goods and 90 hours for imports.  To achieve its target, the department would continue with administrative reform, improving e-government services such as Vietnam Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System/Vietnam Customs Information System and facilities such as online tax payment through banks and the Treasury for customs clearance.

“We will work towards the use of e-customs in every customs procedure from registration to clearance so that firms can save time and use smartphones to track their shipments.”

Besides, the department has also adopted many new technologies and modernised its facilities and equipment to help streamline customs procedures.

Trade facilitation

Mark Gillin, managing director of America Indochina Management Ltd., said the meeting is an opportunity for customs authorities and the business community to discuss their objectives of increasing trade and making trade easier.

“The HCM City customs has called on all State agencies, businesses and people to share responsibilities and obligations to create a breakthrough in customs administration and trade facilitation.”

“During the WTO director’s visit to Vietnam a few years ago, he said trade facilitation agreements could reduce Vietnam’s trade cost by 20 percent.”  He said a one-fifth cut in trade costs would help increase trade flows in Vietnam and enable SMEs to start exporting, make Vietnam inter-connected with cross-border production as production chains become globalized, and boost FDI flows since a large portion of FDI is for production for global exports.

Source : Vietnam News

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