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Voltrans to the world

Posted by khanh

As part of the fight against COVID-19, Vietnam approves medical face masks & medical equipments export as long as domestic demand and reserves are met.

According to this situation, Peter Vinh President of Voltrans company has said: ” We are fortunately than other countries in terms of not being so bad in the pandemic, so Voltrans has to spread the compassion to the others by anyway. Take part in and give the best support to countries, to people and for those who are in the front line.” In order to respond to those words, Voltrans’s team has been figuring out the countries and the people who are in need. We are handled dozens of shipments of medical products recently.

Transport Medical Masks And Gloves
Thousands of masks and gloves have been successfully shipped out Ho Chi Minh (SGN) and Ha Noi (HAN) to European, Northern and Southern American countries by air recently.

Transport Sanitizers
Voltrans have handled shipments of these Dangerous Cargo to countries around the world.

Find Suppliers
Voltrans have many reliable medical supplies manufacturers, so please contact us if you are looking for them.

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