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Voltrans takes part in the anti-Covid 19 campaign

Posted by khanh

Since the pandemic had outbroken in China. It doesn’t so long to spread across every continent in the world. The majority of countries have been figuring out different ways, strategies in order to deal and get rid of this virus out. However, there is plenty of obstacles that Governments have face such as shortage of face marks, running out of toilet papers, hand sanitizers,..etc. As a result, the number of people who are suffering the illness increasing rapidly every single day. Until now, it hasn’t had any signs that the virus will be ended.

On the other hand, Vietnam is also be placed in the list of suffering countries. At the beginning of the period, we are in the lack of essential medical stuff situation, but with the timely policy of Vietnam’s government
we have been reaping the success in terms of anti-Covid 19 campaign.
Therefore, Vietnam Prime Minister issues policies for exporting medical product especially in Europe and the United States which is the worst sufferers.

According to the campaign, Peter Vinh President of Voltrans company has said:

” We are fortunately than other countries in terms of not being so bad in the pandemic, so Voltrans has to spread the compassion to the others by anyway. Take part in and give the best support to countries, to people and for those who are in the front line.”

In order to respond to those words, Voltrans’s team has been figuring out the countries and the people who are in need.