Vietnam potential businesses open

Enjoying the favors of many recent FTAs, Vietnam products, especially in agricultural ones which have received a lot of benefits from new markets in the signed FTAs against neighbors and traditional competitors; For example, litchi, longan, rambutan, dragon fruit, and pineapple would benefit since tropical fruits originating from competing countries Brazil, Thailand and Malaysia do not have FTAs with the UK. Unfortunately, Vietnam have wasted not small money due to poor post-harvesting stages, such as the preservation methods were basic and out-of-dated, transportation, storage and cold storage were of poor quality, and very few deeply process.

As from an expert, Mr Nguyễn Quốc Toản, Director General of the General Department for Agricultural Products Processing and Market Development, said post-harvest losses accounted for 10-30 per cent of fruits and vegetables, 10 per cent of rice output, and 10-20 per cent of root and tuber crops. In the Mekong Delta, post-harvest of rice losses more than VNĐ3 trillion (about USD 132 million) a year.

In those signed FTAs with Vietnam, the food standards are very high to meet for the safety of their citizen. Packaging farm products also plays a very important role in preserving them after harvest, but Vietnamese businesses do not pay attention to that.

Therefore, these potential businesses for post harvesting stages : packaging, warehousing, value-added process should now been more focused to improve quality of products as the more matching those standards, the more chance Vietnamese products to enter and stay long in imported countries.

By Thomas