How logistics companies assist manufacturers to over come difficulties of social distancing?


In the first week of June, several provinces are implementing stricter measures to press down the influence of covid-19 pandemic.  Some areas were block down or limited movement to avoid the expansion of disease.  In the other side of positive affects, many factories are suffered of the shortage of workers who may live in above areas or near by and were limited to move in/out. They are struggling to maintain operation with declining orders and problems facing goods delivery due to travel restrictions.  The transportation of goods is partially affected as well.

How Logistics Provider Services companies can assist?  Whether Logistics Association or Governmental authorities can join hands to lessen the burden of manufacturers who have suffered over the year for the pandemic?

We need some open solutions to reduce paperwork, fast scanning at the checkpoints inside the province and inter-provinces, controlled transportation between factories and ports, etc to help cargo movement going smoothly while under-controlled covid affection.

By Thomas