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ETools could help reduce nCoV outbreak

Posted by khanh

In the circumstance of the outbreak of nCoV over countries since last Nov, the global trades have gradually been affected, especially for countries have business with China or with Wuhan particularly. We do not know how long it lasts but from the experience of SARS in 2003, we would be prepared to prevent the deadly effects of it, at least from the shipping side.

Many know that the virus can be spread out through air or contact with effected persons in certain ways. There many prevention methods have been guided by WHO (World Health Organization) and local authorized parties. In ports or offices, we even can see some medical officers in assistance to securities to measure body heat of guests, customers and delivery medical masks, wash their hands with anti-bacteria liquid. So we should apply more methods to reduce interaction among people as much as we can to reduce the risk of affection. There are several ways now are available by the help of Internet, mobile phones, like eManifest declaration, e-Bill of Lading, eD/O, eBanking, video call / conference.

Voltrans is not out of the side to give our hands to cooperation with customers, shipping partners (global forwarder network, shipping lines, airlines), to encourage customers to use our e-Customer service tools online as much as possible to reduce risks of direct contact, reduce road traffic, reduce time of moving around. We do hope the disease will be soon treated and we join hands together to stop the outbreak.

Author: Thomas