Difficulties create opportunity – Wood industry online trade


One year ago, we could not image how well the international trades would be after many times suffered of COVID-19 pandemic explosion. Difficulties could not block the innovation of people. In wood industry, we can see a breakthrough ideas of trading online help boost up the volume of products from Vietnam to global destinations.

Recently, on the first online trading event of the Vietnamese handicraft and wood sector on Apr 12-19, 2021, there are over a hundred of online showroom on the HOPE platform to get 17,000 visitors creating a huge exchanges among manufacturers and buyer on over the world.

“The pandemic pushed us to use the online platform of HOPE to introduce our products to customers. Thanks to online matching, we can access a large number of foreign buyers, 30-40 per cent more than the previous year,” a manufacturer mentioned.

The USA is Vietnamese wood and wood-based main market. Despite the heavy impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the export turnover of wood and wood-based products to this market reached $7.2 trillion last year, up 34.37 per cent compared to 2019. The was the highest increase among Vietnam’s export markets and accounted for 57.92 per cent of the total export turnover of industrial wood and wood-based products.

In recently, Voltrans also ship hundreds of containers of wooden furniture to US for customers to both EC and WC ports regardless of port congestion or shortage of containers. We do hope the after covid vaccination, the situation would be much more better for Vietnam trades, especially for wood industry.

By Thomas